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This product redefines and elaborates on the basis of the original human embryonic developmental stages and processes

The product shows in detail the process of sperm in the uterus and eggs to produce a fertilized egg

The physiological characteristics of the embryo from the beginning of the fertilized egg to its maturity are given.

Size: 40 * 26 * 28CM

Material: Eco-friendly PVC, eco-friendly paint, exquisite hand-painted and painted

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This model shows the physiological characteristics of embryos at different stages from the start of fertilization to maturity, suitable for school teaching tools, learning displays and collectibles.
This product redefines the stages and processes of human embryonic development, and describes in detail the process of sperm combining to produce fertilized eggs in the uterus and eggs.
It is applicable to the teaching of physical health in schools and hospitals, and can be used as a supplementary knowledge of visual health to deepen the understanding of embryonic structure.
We have specially designed digital indicator signs, which are more efficient and faster to use, and also help to better understand and practice.
This product is made of food-grade PVC environmental protection material, the board size is 40 * 26 * 28CM, computer color matching, beautiful hand-painted.

ZJHCC Fetal Model, Human Pregnancy Embryonic Developmental Process Model, Fertilized Egg Uterus Tissue Embryo Anatomy Medical Educational Training Aid Tool.

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