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Suitable for school, hospital, sports health teaching, can be used as supplementary health knowledge teaching to deepen the understanding of human organ structure.
This shows the complete reproductive system, the urinary (female) reproductive system, shows the complete female reproductive system, shows the shape and structure of internal organs, shows the main female reproductive anatomy, the urinary system
This product shows the anatomical structure of female reproduction in detail, including ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and vestibular glands, shows the three-layer structure of the uterus, uterine cavity and vagina, and the left side shows the relationship between the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and ligaments The right ovary section shows the luteal body, follicles, uterine blood vessels and round ligaments of the uterus, as well as the professional design of the digital logo.
Rare practical products in gynecological teaching. Ideal for school teaching tools, learning display and collection use, it is also an excellent complement to laboratory supplies.
School Anatomy Medical Research Kit Human Anatomy Model, Artist Anatomy Reference Structure Details, Medical Art Lady Reproductive Model, Structural Anatomy System Fitness Teaching.

XYSQWZ Anatomy Model Pregnancy, Uterus Ovary Anatomical Uterus Ovary Anatomical Model Anatomy Cross-Section Teaching, Life Size, for Science Classroom Study Display Teaching Medical Model

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