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Learn why this is the best COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (CBT) PROGRAM to teach:

1. View a sample of these SOS KIT videos. Scroll halfway down this page and view Chapter 7 Video.

2. Have you read the book SOS Help For Emotions? The SOS KIT is based on the SOS Emotions book. This SOS book is endorsed by the past President of Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and past President of National Association of School Psychologists. If you like the SOS book, you will enjoy using the SOS KIT.

3. Do you want an easy-to-use video-based program for small or large groups? The video is excellent for teaching groups. Outside of group use, the SOS video is also used to teach individuals, both adults and older teens.

4. Want to help others to learn skills from CBT and emotional intelligence (EQ)? This program does both.

5. See your FREE handouts and quizzes included in the SOS video program. Google and click: sosprograms freeresources2

6. These videos stimulate group discussion in the areas of anxiety, anger, depression, trauma, and emotional intelligence. You can choose any or all of the 46 interviews (vignettes) completed with adults and older teens.

7. Do you want an easy-to-use video leaders guide? The SOS KIT includes an illustrated leaders guide with discussion questions to facilitate group discussions. The 46 video interviews and questions for each interview encourage interactive group discussion.

8. Do you want a self-study CBT program? Individuals wanting a self-study program can instead read/study SOS Help For Emotions book and view Video SOS Help For Emotions (a single DVD). Both are available from Amazon. The complete SOS Video KIT is used to teach groups and individuals.

9. View additional SOS video samples. Google and click: SOS Programs and Parents Press Homepage Remember, the video leaders guide with execises are essential parts of this KIT.

You will find SOS is the best Video-Discussion Program to teach cognitive behavioral therapy skills to manage anxiety, anger, depression, and emotional intelligence! Examine SOS!

Video KIT SOS Help For Parents includes DVD video, Leader s Guide, Parent Handouts, SOS book, and additional materials by Lynn Clark (English) DVD-ROM – July 2, 2005

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