Sheep get minerals and vitamins from forage and feed, the water they drink and the supplements you provide. Sheep minerals help the animals to grow healthily and produce healthy lambs and wool. They are essential for bone development, muscle tone and function, enzyme activation and for the regulation of acid-base balances. Copper, cobalt, selenium, iodine and iron are some of the minerals that help increase the health of the sheep.

Sheep require various minerals at different stages of their life. It is therefore crucial to tailor your mineral supplementation program to reflect this. However, you need to keep your main mineral mix available 365 days a year. If you notice your sheep chewing on fence posts or taking a liking to a particular plant species all of a sudden, you can infer that they are deficient in some specific minerals. You can then give that mineral supplement to make your animals healthy again.

Normally, minerals work along with other minerals and enzymes present in food. Hence, sheep mineral supplements are available in several combination’s. Mineral supplements that contain selenium and cobalt help improve the health of a newborn lamb. It is important to give only salt and mineral mixes that are specifically made for sheep. You need to keep mineral feeders in places where they are easily accessible to all of your sheep. You need to protect salt and minerals from outside elements. It is better to avoid giving any other sources of salt to your sheep while feeding them the mineral mix containing salt.

Copper is essential for iron metabolism and elastin and collagen synthesis. It keeps the sheep biologically active. Copper supplements formulated for cattle and horses are high in copper content and they should not be fed to sheep. Sheep minerals contain 300 to 500 mg of copper per kilogram. As sheep accumulate copper more easily than other animals, it may cause feed mixing errors.

Excessive intakes of copper can cause some problems. Stressful situations like transporting, changes in weather and reduced nutritional state can cause a sudden release of the accumulated copper into the blood, causing toxicity. Copper toxicity contributes to various symptoms, such as excessive thirst, poor appetite, anaemia, jaundice and even death.

Copinox is one of the most effective mineral supplements for sheep. It helps treat and prevent copper deficiency in ewes. It also helps prevent congenital swayback in lambs. PFS Super Selco with copper is another effectual sheep supplement that contains a specific combination of vitamins and minerals. It helps optimise the growth and daily weight gain of lambs. It contains high levels of selenium as well. This supplement helps lambs dry up and reduces skittering.

TraceSure Co250 Bolus is an essential sheep mineral supplement that releases cobalt slowly. If the dietary intake of cobalt is low, you can provide this supplement to sheep to increase the health and productivity. Cobalt deficiency may cause depressed appetite and ill thrift. Tracesure releases controlled amounts of cobalt for five to six months.

Tracesure Se/I 250 is a nutritional bolus for sheep. It contains selenium and iodine that will be slowly released for 5 to 6 months. One bolus is recommended for sheep weighing more than 20 kilograms.

Tracesure Sheep 250 bolus contains selenium and cobalt. It offers bio available minerals to your sheep by slow rumen release for six months. Two boluses are recommended for animals weighing more than 20kg.

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Types of Sheep Minerals Supplements

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