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Hey Must Do Travels Tribe! Today we are visiting the historic city of Amsterdam. This city is famous for its canals, beautiful houses and coffee shops, but there’s plenty more to see as well. Let’s go check it out!

De Pijp 1:23

De Pijp is a Bohemian area in Amsterdam known for its narrow streets that are filled with Middle Eastern eateries, old-school pubs and cafes with sidewalk terraces. You can also find Dutch specialties like herring and waffles. Here, you can also check out the Heineken Experience which chronicles the history of beer making and offers tastings.

Red Light District 1:49

This area is found in the oldest part of Amsterdam and is known for the iconic red neon windows and bars and clubs with various different shows. Visitors come from far and wide to walk down the street to see the extremely unique culture that you can only find in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Museums: 2:18

If you’re a history junkie, Amsterdam is definitely for you! Here, you can find a wide variety of museums that fits every interest. Some notable ones are The Van Gogh Museum, The Anne Frank House, The Amsterdam Museum and the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Singel 2:49

The Singel is a canal in Amsterdam which encircled the city in the Middle Ages. It served as a moat around the city until 1585, when Amsterdam expanded beyond the Singel.

Canal Cruise Amsterdam 3:12

If there’s one thing you must do in Amsterdam – it’s a canal cruise. You can sit back and relax as you enjoy sailing down the Singel canal and be in awe of the extraordinary architecture that Amsterdam has to offer.

New Church 3:37

The New Church, which isn’t so new, is a 15th-century church in Amsterdam located in Dam Square, next to the Royal Palace. It is one of the most beautiful churches in all of Amsterdam.

Dam Square 4:01

Dam Square is a town square in Amsterdam and is famous for its notable buildings and frequent events which makes it one of the most well-known and important locations in the city.


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