These Everyday Chinese Words May Not Mean What You Think They Mean – Learn Chinese Vocabulary

In this video, I am going to tell you some Chinese words that you use in everyday life, but you never know they have another meaning which may make things awkward.

These words include:
01:23 绿茶 – lǜché – green tea?
03:31 绿帽子 – lǜ màozi – green hat?
(See more explanation:,forced%20to%20wear%20green%20hats)
04:48 老王 – lǎowáng – old Wang?
05:42 柠檬/吃醋 – níngméng/chīcù – lemon/eat vinegar?
07:10 电灯泡 – diàndēngpào – bulb?
07:39 放鸽子 – fàng gēzi – set the pigeon free?
(See more explanation:

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