The Secret ‘Subconscious’ Pronunciation Rule Native English Speakers ALWAYS Use

Why do we naturally say TikTok not TokTik? TicTac not TacTic? Riff Raff not Raff Riff? There is a secret pronunciation/grammar rule that native English speakers don’t even realise they follow – Ablaut Reduplication! Don’t forget to download the FREE PDF & QUIZ: – there are more examples and activities!
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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Free PDF and QUIZ!
00:45 What is riff-raff?
01:13 Ablaut Reduplication rule
03:36 Onomatopoeia
04:49 Adjectives
6:02 Brands
6:31 Nouns
07:45 Free PDF and QUIZ!
8:06 Bloopers
8:21 Outro

Video edited by Polina Park 🎥

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