Johnny Come Lately 1943 HD Starring James Cagney

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Starring James Cagney (Tom Richards) Grace George (Vinne McLeod) Hattie McDaniel (Aida The Maid) Marjorie Main ( Mary McGovern Saloon Owner) Majorie Lord (Jane) Edward McNamara( W.M. Doughterty) Robert Barrat (Bill Swain) George Cleveland (Willie Ferguson) Margret Hamilton (Myrtle Ferguson) also William Henry, Norman Willis,Edwin Stanley, Tom Dugan, Lucien Littlefield,Irving Bacon, Charles Irwin,

A wandering homeless ex newspaper man Tom Richards helps a woman Vinnie Mcleod save her newspaper from the town villian W.M. Dougherty.

Directed by William K. Howard.
Produced by William Cagney .
Released September 3,1943.
Filmed at Samuel Goldwyn Studios ,West Hollywood, California.
Production Co. William Cagney Productions.
Distributed by United Artists

Did You Know?

Johnny Come Lately was nominated for an Academy Award 1944 (Best Music , Scoring of A Dramatic or Comedy Picture).

Margret Hamilton is cast as Myrtle Ferguson the secretary of the newspaper she also had the role of the Wicked Witch of the West and Miss Almira Gulch in the Iconic movie The Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Hattie McDaniel is cast as Aida the maid and cook for Vinne McLeod the newspaper owner. Hattie McDaniel also played Mammy the house servant in Gone With The Wind 1939 for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress the first
Academy Award won by an African American entertainer.

William Cagney James Cagney’s brother was the producer of this film.

Marjorie Main was best known for her role in Ma Kettle in the movies Ma and Pa Kettle.
Her real name was Mary Tomlinson . Marjorie was a contract player for MGM in the 40’s and 50’s.


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