How to pronounce the contractions in English – we’d | they’ll | he’d | they’re | it’d

Learn how to pronounce and use contractions like I’M, WE’D, THEY’LL, WE’RE, THEY’RE, HE’D, IT’D. I will teach you the correct usage and pronunciation of these English contractions. Don’t forget to download the FREE PDF & QUIZ: – there are more examples and activities!
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0:00 Introduction
0:53 Free PDF & QUIZ
2:05 The most common contractions are formed with:
4:20 How to use ‘have’, ‘has’, ‘had’ as contractions
5:11 HAD
5:42 How to know the difference between he is — he’s, he has — he’s and others?
6:17 TO HAVE
6:45 HAD
7:31 WOULD
8:14 How to know the difference between I would — I’d, I had — I’d and others?
8:55 WILL
10:17 Free PDF & QUIZ
10:32 Social Media
11:15 Bloopers
Video edited by Polina Park 🎥

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