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These days it seems like anyone with a microphone and an afternoon can put their voice on the internet. How do you distinguish yourself from the countless amateurs clogging the airwaves? By upping your recording quality with a professional pop filter. The HDE Pop Filter is your ticket to professional-sounding audio by reducing the plosives of hard consonants and increasing overall recording quality. Dual-layered, woven nylon material assists you in producing crystal clear, pop-free audio for every one of your recordings. A filter doubles as protection against excess moisture from overly eager performers, extending the lifespan of your equipment. Installation is easy; simply clamp the end of the device to the microphone stand, then tighten and position as needed. Find out the difference for yourself with an HDE Pop Filter for your microphone and record quality audio every time.

PITCH PERFECT SOUND: Get loud and clear recordings every time, double mesh screen design reduces wind interference eliminates popping sounds and prevents dust and saliva from entering the microphone | Reduces corrosion and mold to extend the microphone’s life
CLEAN PROFESSIONAL AUDIO: Mesh screen reduces popping noise during recording when saying words that start with either P, T, K, D, G and B | For best result position pop filter in front of recording area of microphone
FLEXIBLE SETUP OPTIONS: 360 degree flexible goose neck holder will support the weight of the shield and allow for easy trouble free positioning and placement of the microphone
SECURE FIT: Adjustable clamp can be attached to all types of microphones including popular desktop USB microphones | Screw on clamp is easily attachable will not damage microphone
MEASUREMENTS: 6-inch diameter shield, 14-inch flexible gooseneck, 2-inch adjustable clamp

HDE Microphone Pop Filter for Blue Yeti – Dual Layer Studio Mic Wind Screen with Stand Clip and 360 Degree Gooseneck Arm – Black

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