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The Tridal Wave Ear Cleaning System is the ultimate irrigation system for effectively washing your ears and preventing earwax buildup. Too much earwax or hardened earwax can cause a blockage in the ear, resulting in earaches, ringing in the ears, or temporary hearing loss.
No more expensive ear cleaning visits to the doctor!

Ease of Use
Designed as an inexpensive solution for cleaning and unclogging ears right from home.
Simply fill with luke-warm water, place the tip in your ear canal, and spray away! Use in bathtub or over a sink.

The Bottle
Unlike other ear washer systems, the Tridal Wave uses nothing but body temperature water.
No hydrogen peroxide solution required. Conveniently refill and reuse.

The Tip
The Tridal Wave features a unique Three-Stream tip. The tip diffuses the water pressure and directs it towards the outer walls of the ear canal.
This provides safe, yet optimal cleaning for your ears. Other ear washers use high pressured single streams
that shoot water directly down the ear canal towards the ear drum, this can be painful and damaging to your ears.

Bundle Includes:

1 Tridal Wave Irrigation Bottle
1 + 3 Additional Three-Stream Tips (total of 4)
User Instructions
30-Day Monday Back Guarantee

QUICK & EASY – Simply fill the bottle with luke-warm (body temperature) water and spray inside your ear to naturally soften ear wax. No hydrogen peroxide solution required
UNIQUE THREE-STREAM TIP DESIGN – This unique tip directs the water pressure towards the outer walls of the ear canal creating turbulence for faster action. Nothing works better!
SAFEST EAR WASHER ON THE MARKET – Other washers use a high pressure single stream that shoots directly down the ear canal at the eardrum. This can be painful and damaging to your ears and hearing. Nothing is safer!
BUNDLE INCLUDES – 1 Tridal Wave Irrigation Bottle, 1 + 3 Additional Three-Stream Tips (total of 4), User Instructions, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ear Washer System – Home Solution for Safely Removing Built-Up Earwax and Preventing Future Earwax Buildup – Made by Tridal Wave (Tridal Wave & 3 Additional Tips)

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