Carny (1980)

Tired of her dull job as a waitress, a teenage girl decides to join two carnival hustlers and see what life as a carny is like.

Directed by: Robert Kaylor
Starring: Gary Busey, Jodie Foster, and Robbie Robertson

Not your typical hollywood carnival movie. It tries to capture the real spirit of an American carnival from 40-50 years ago. The scene with the Fatman playing guitar and singing the blues, and the scene in the stripper tent is worth the price of entry itself. They were pushing the envelope when they made this. When Elisha Cook Jr. mentioned Gibtown I knew they were being real. Gibtown is Gibsonton, Fl., and is where a lot of Carnival and Circus performers live or have lived.

The 4 best carnival/circus movies:
1. Santa Sangre
2. Freaks
3. Nightmare Alley
4. Carny

I’m pretty sure that truck stop in the movie was up by Santee, SC. It’s not around anymore, but back when this was made that was a rough little place. You could get commercial beavers, smoke-a-dope or speed in the back room. The old gal that ran that place was as tough as a rattlesnake.


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