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The QLok is designed to diminish the effects and aid in the rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain. The superior compression and unique strapping system of the QLok push the patella back into the correct position in the trochlear notch. A properly positioned patella spreads the force in the knee joint over a larger surface and decreases pain and wear on the joint. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: -Seats patella in correct position -Reduces patella tilt -Provides a traction force on the lateral retinaculum -Lightweight hinges anchor the Dynamic Patella Traction Strap -Contoured cut designed to fit a wider variety of thigh shapes -Hinges naturally contour to leg -Wraparound design for easy application -Universal left and right -Lightweight: 7 ounces -Constructed of BioSkin’s 2SL material -100% neoprene free and latex free INJURIES TREATED: -Anterior Knee Pain -Maltracking Patella -Patellar Glide -Patella Subluxation -Patellar Tilt -Patellofemoral Knee Pain -Knee Osteoarthritis -Post Surgery -Tight Lateral Retinaculum A supportive knee brace for various sporting activities including basketball, volleyball, running, football, hiking, dancing, mma, tennis, soccer, skiing, muay thai, gymnastics, cheerleading, weightlifting and crossfit.

SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: Unique strapping system and compression push patella back into correct position, relieving pain.
LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT: Extremely lightweight hinges naturally conour to your leg. Constructed from BioSkin’s thin, breathable, and durable fabric with a specific cut designed to fit a wider variety of thigh shapes
HYPOALLERGENIC: All BioSkin material is hypoallergenic. Latex free and Neoprene free.
TRUSTED BRAND: Over 40 professional sports teams trust BioSkin to keep their athletes functions at the highest possible level.

BIOSKIN QLok Patella Traction Knee Brace with Compression and Additional Supportive Strap for Knee Pain, Tracking Disorders, and Osteoarthritis Pain (L)

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