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The Aquascape Pond Air 4 Aerator will effectively oxygenate your pond or water garden, helping all of its biological processes and creating a more stable environment. Every process that happens in your pond depends on oxygen. Dissolved oxygen levels are generally lower at night and in warm water. Therefore, proper aeration is crucial for every pond or other water feature. Dissolved oxygen is crucial for fish, plants and other pond life. It also helps to improve the water’s quality and clarity.

Quiet and energy efficient, the Aquascape Pond Air 4 provides years of trouble-free operation. It comes complete with everything you need, including winter resistant air line, preassembled check valves and weighted air stones. The sturdy outer housing prevents the pump from being easily damaged. Please Note: The aerator pump should be placed in an indoor location that is dry & free from debris. The thick rubber gasket that separates the two halves of the air pump lowers noise and prevents vibration. With its base’s wide, flat shape, the pump remains stable and easy to place. The integrated rubber feet help to prevent noise and vibration. They also keep the pump where you put it. Because the diaphragm and assembly cartridge are replaceable, servicing the pump is easy and inexpensive.

This aerator features 4 outlets and includes 6 aeration discs, also called air stones. The fifth and sixth ones are FREE BONUS replacement aeration discs, each valued at $8 when purchased separately.

Add oxygen to your pond or other waterscape with the Aquascape Pond Air 4 Aerator.

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✅ CUSTOM PRO PACKAGE – INCLUDES 6 AIR STONES: Backed by a 3 year limited warranty, this Aquascape Pond Air 4 Aerator comes with 4 weighted air stones plus 2 additional replacement air stones. Each 4 inch diameter air stone, also called an aeration disc, is valued at $8 when purchased separately. This aerator’s 4 outlets are at the front of its strong housing. The maximum air flow rate loaded is 0.49 cfm. The maximum air depth loaded is 3.98 psi.
✅ IMPROVES THE POND ENVIRONMENT: This aerator effectively oxygenates a pond that contains up to 3,500 gallons of water and is up to 9 feet deep. It helps all biological processes in the water feature, creating a more stable environment that promotes the health of koi, other fish, plants and additional pond life. It also increases water quality and clarity.
✅ IS SIMPLE TO USE AND MAINTAIN: Easy to install and run, the aerator provides years of trouble-free operation. It is extremely quiet, durable and energy efficient, using only 11 watts of electricity. Its rubber feet help to keep it from vibrating and moving.
✅ PREVENTS ICE IN FREEZING WEATHER: This aerator can serve as a deicer in areas with little winter ice. In colder climates, it can supplement a pond heater, creating a more effective deicer than a traditional floating pond heater.
✅ PROVIDES 100 FEET OF STURDY AIR LINE AND MORE: Included are 4 rolls of winter resistant, silicone air line that is 3/16 inch in diameter; each roll contains 25 feet of the tubing. Also included are pre-installed check valves and an electric power cord that is 6 feet long. The aerator pump is 7.75 inches long, 7.25 inches wide and 6.25 inches high.

Aquascape Pond AIR 4 Aerator with 2 Additional Replacement AIRSTONES, Air Line, Power Cord and More – Adds Oxygen, Raises Water Quality and Clarity, Helps Fish and Plants – Quiet and Energy Efficient

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