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This model represents the shape and internal structure of a male adult man:
♦The head and neck are viewed as a mid-sagittal section, showing the longitudinal sections of the brain and spinal cord, nasal cavity, pharynx, esophagus, larynx and trachea and the relationship between them.
♦ Cut open the chest and abdomen on both sides of the chest and abdomen to show the lungs, trachea, esophagus, heart, sputum, liver, stomach and other organs; all the above organs can be removed
♦A frontal incision was performed on the pylorus and right kidney of the lungs and stomach, showing the distribution of blood vessels and bronchi in the lungs, as well as the structure of the pyloric sphincter and pyloric valve, renal pelvis and pelvic kidney.
♦Duodenum, pancreas and spleen are connected. The pancreatic cross section shows the opening of the pancreatic duct and common bile duct in the duodenum. The anterior wall of the ileum (small intestine) is removed and the intestine is exchanged to show the passage of the appendix, small intestine, and intestine.

Basic Information:
♦Name: Young man half-length model
♦Specification: 65cm
♦Weight: 3KG
♦Material: PVC
♦Usage: Medical teaching, teaching supplies. Laboratory decoration

Packing list:
♦1x65CM Youth Torso Anatomical Model

★ The size of the model is perfect for classrooms or surgical procedures, meaning you can see it at a reasonable distance and you can easily identify all important details
★ The model is made according to the technical standards of real human head and neck torso models. The model represents the appearance and internal structure of a male adult man
★ 65cm / 25.6inch model with actual size and detailed information of the main system. Organs are movable, which is convenient for you to learn and understand the structure of human organs
★ The model is made of food-grade high-quality materials and beautifully drawn by hand, showing the torso of the upper body of the human body. It is sturdy and durable. It is an excellent supplementary tool for the laboratory.
★ Applicable to schools, hospitals, in physical health teaching, can be used as visual aids in physical health teaching to deepen the understanding of the structure of human organs

3D Human Body Model with Removable Human Organs – 65CM, Deluxe Dual-Sex Human Torso Model, for Anatomy and Physiology Students Study Tools

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