1 LANGUAGE, 3 ACCENTS! UK vs. USA vs. AUS English Pronunciation!

WATER = wor-tah or waah-derr? We speak the same English language in 3 very different ways – British vs Australian vs American English pronunciation! FREE audiobook: https://geni.us/audiobookFREE (Amazon affiliate)
A HUGE thank you to Emma and Vanessa for their help with this video!
OUR VOCABULARY VIDEO: https://bit.ly/ONElanguage3accents
Please note:
This is a look at 3 of the MANY English accents, and is for entertainment purposes only. I come from Bedfordshire speak with a modern received pronunciation accent, Vanessa is from South Carolina and Emma is from Perth. I have used the terms ‘British English’, ‘American English’ and ‘Australian English’ to make it simple for you to understand.
I would love to extend this series – please let me know which accents you’d like me to look at next time!
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